Cinema at the Warehouse Update

I am sorry not to have been in touch before, but I have been waiting to see what develops with regard to the pandemic and government restrictions concerning social gatherings. Although it was announced recently that cinemas will be allowed to open again in July, I am afraid this will not apply to our cinema. The Warehouse Theatre has advised us that we can seat just 23 members to keep within the regulations. In addition, separate entry and exit doors are required as well as copious, regular cleaning and other requirements. The Warehouse Theatre itself will not open again until the New Year at the earliest. The result is, as you have no doubt guessed, that we have to postpone our 2020/2021 season until we have the all clear and it is safe to do so. I am very sorry that we were unable to complete last season’s programme due to the lockdown but we will endeavour to screen the films if possible. If this is possible, the films will be screened as part of your existing membership (2019/20). I will let you know as soon as we have any positive news and get the programme for next season to you in the hope that you will rejoin. Stay Safe

Rob Rainbow (Chair)

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